Impact sprinklers (Aluminum / Brass)

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Bestfix Irrigation’s Impact Sprinkler in Aluminum/Brass, a premium solution for effective water distribution. Crafted with high-quality materials, this sprinkler ensures durability and reliability, suitable for various irrigation applications. Engineered with precision, it delivers consistent performance, providing uniform coverage across your landscape. The aluminum/brass construction enhances longevity and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term functionality. Easy to install and adjust, it accommodates both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Trust in Bestfix Irrigation’s expertise to offer top-tier solutions for your irrigation needs. Elevate your system with the Impact Sprinkler in Aluminum/Brass from Bestfix Irrigation, ensuring superior performance and durability.

Size Spray Radius Material Flow rate Pressure
1″ 22m – 28m Aluminium/Brass 2 – 5m³/hr 2 – 5 bars
¾” 12m – 15m Aluminium/Brass 1 – 3 m³/hr 1 – 3 bars
½” 10m – 13m Aluminum/Brass 1 – 2 m³/hr 1 – 2 bars
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