Hunter 6 Station X-Core Controller

Original price was: KSh 31,000.00.Current price is: KSh 30,450.00.

Hunter’s line of controllers presents well-established, high-quality designs known for their user-friendly features, offering both basic and advanced automatic watering functionalities. These controllers are meticulously crafted to efficiently manage irrigation systems, reducing water wastage and adapting operations according to weather changes to optimize water conservation. Some models, equipped with Hydrawise intelligence, allow remote management of the irrigation system via smart devices or web browsers. Hydrawise features predictive watering, adjusting schedules based on forecasted weather conditions to maximize water savings while maintaining landscape health. Optional flow meters are available for automatic leak detection.

The X-Core residential controller, for instance, is a straightforward solution for managing up to 8 stations, with features including independent programs, Solar Sync functionality, non-volatile memory, automatic short circuit protection, programmable delays, and sensor compatibility. It’s offered in indoor or outdoor configurations for added versatility.

The Pro-C, on the other hand, is a dependable controller designed for sophisticated residential irrigation control, offering modular designs for both fixed and expandable configurations, accommodating 4 to 16 stations. This model includes features such as easy-retrieve memory, seasonal adjustment capabilities, and programmable delay between stations for enhanced flexibility.

For more advanced needs, the HC and PRO HC controllers provide Wi-Fi connectivity, full-color touch screens, electrical monitoring alerts, and compatibility with flow meters. The PRO-HC additionally offers remote monitoring and control via Wi-Fi and GPRS, with options for indoor and outdoor installation.